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Full Refunds and 100% Delivery Guarantee

Our goal is to provide a positive shopping experience. If there is a problem with the product you receive, or there is an issue with delivery, we will issue a full refund or ship a new order to you. The choice is yours.


Contact us for your money-back guarantee when:


  • you fail to receive the order within 30 days;
  • you are dissatisfied with the product.

Please note: We will not issue refunds for invalid delivery addresses, or if you fail to accept or pick up an order after a redelivery attempt. In these situations, we will issue reshipments only.

  1. Before requesting reshipment, please check our tracking page to verify if your shipment is overdue.
  2. Contact customer service and let us know that your package never arrived. We will follow up on your package and verify the missing shipment. We will then issue a reshipment or a refund, whichever you choose.

To request a refund, please submit a request with the following information:

  • order number;
  • email address.

Your refund request will usually be processed within 2-5 business days, but please allow up to 14 days for it to reach your account.


Please note: Purchases made through FreeModafinil will appear on your bank or credit card statement under another name than FM. This is important to note so that you do not ask for a chargeback, which will create a number of issues and may ban you from our customer list. Please see U.S.C. Title 18 Section 1029. If you request a chargeback from your banking institution or credit card company, this will invalidate our refund procedures and flag such procedures as fraudulent. Please contact us concerning charges to your account.

Since US law prohibits direct purchases for prescription drugs, we always use credit card processors outside the US. We offer a 22% discount to customers who use cryptocurrencies to avoid this confusion. There may be charge an additional 5% fee in some cases due to foreign currency transactions. FreeModafinil does not profit from this fee.

If payment is NOT confirmed


If payment is not confirmed, you do not need to cancel. We do not process orders until payment is confirmed. If payment was declined, simply choose another payment option to complete your order.


When you have a confirmed payment


Once payment is confirmed, your order can be canceled within two hours. Please contact customer service to cancel your order. Please have your order number handy, and let your agent know the purpose of your cancellation.

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