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Our goal is to provide a positive shopping experience. If there is a problem with the product you receive, or there is an issue with delivery, we will issue a full refund or ship a new order to you. The choice is yours.


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Please note: We will not issue refunds for invalid delivery addresses, or if you fail to accept or pick up an order after a redelivery attempt. In these situations, we will issue reshipments only.

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Since US law prohibits direct purchases for prescription drugs, we always use credit card processors outside the US. We offer a 22% discount to customers who use cryptocurrencies to avoid this confusion. There may be charge an additional 5% fee in some cases due to foreign currency transactions. FreeModafinil does not profit from this fee.

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Online Modafinil Pharmacy

An Online Pharmacy with Affordable Modafinil

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FreeModafinil is an e-pharmacy that offers the highest quality modafinil brands from India at the lowest cost. Your privacy and security are important to us, so we offer the best security available for pharmacies selling Modalert on the internet. Safely shop knowing that your privacy is protected, and you will remain anonymous during your modafinil shopping experience.

Secure Modafinil Pharmacy

We offer several brands of modafinil to choose from. Modvigil is the most cost-efficient brand of modafinil and is our best-selling generic. Modalert and Modavinil are both extremely popular generic versions of Provigil. We also offer Modafresh, Artvigil (like Nuvigil), Vilafinil, Waklert, and Modaheal. We also carry Armodavinil, a generic version of armodafinil.

As a gift to you, we ship ten modafinil tablets and ten armodafinil tablets free with every order placed with us.

Shipping Questions

EMS packages arrive within 7-12 business days. Tracking provided

Registered Airmail packages arrive within 10-18 business days

We also ship packages to all EU countries from within the EU zone (7-12 days)

UK to UK domestic delivery via Royal Mail (3-4 days)

US to US domestic shipping via USPS (3-4 days and overnight)

ETA: Friday 15 Jul

Express EMS is your quickest delivery choice. It offers package tracking, and a signature is required upon receipt. Registered Airmail does not offer tracking, and doesn’t require a signature.

Do you live in the 🇺🇸 US, 🇬🇧 UK, or 🇦🇺 Australia? We now can send modafinil to these countries! We also ship to 🇨🇦 Canada, 🇨🇭 Switzerland, all 🇪🇺 EU countries, and 🇳🇴 Norway now.

🇨🇦 Canada;

🇪🇺 Europe;

🇳🇿 New Zealand;

🇮🇪 Ireland;

🇨🇭 Switzerland;

🌏 Other countries.

Click here > to find the best "smart drugs" vendor depending on your location.


EMS Express $49 – FREE shipping on orders of $180 and over

Registered Airmail $39 – Free shipping on orders of $130 and over

Shipping to EU countries 39 € plus DOUBLE pricing (+100%)

UK Domestic Delivery £39 plus 50% of the product cost

USPS Priority Mail – FREE over $300


You can use any major credit or debit card for your purchase. This includes Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also use Poli, Bill Pay, PayPal, Faster Payments, and SEPA bank transfers for payment.

Secure Credit Card



A Trustworthy Moda Provider

Your orders will be delivered in nondescript packaging with no reference to an online pharmacy to protect your privacy when buying from


Purchasing modafinil online is 100% legal. As long as you purchase modafinil for your own personal use, you can securely import prescription drugs such as generic modafinil into locations like the 🇺🇸 USA, the 🇬🇧 UK, the EU, 🇦🇺 Australia, or 🇳🇿 New Zealand.

Our nondescript packages and super-fast shipping of modafinil sets our online pharmacy apart from the rest. In accordance with customs regulations, your package will be labeled with the appropriate customs documentation.

Our packaging is labeled as a health supplement, which means it easily passes through customs 99.9% of the time.

If for some reason your package is denied delivery to your home, there is no need to worry. We will send you a new order free of charge!

Bulk orders of over 300 pills will be shipped separately in smaller quantities.

Looking for even more savings? Use bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency at checkout and receive a 22% discount. Coupon code is not needed, and this offer never ends!

Bitcoin Accepted Here

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One Day Only! 20 Free Pills with Every Order

Yes, we give away Modvigil and Waklert samples as a sign of trust, reliability, and quality of our best sellers. Today only. Every order placed on our website comes with a total of 20 free samples. 


Get 300 Modafinil tabs at $0.99 per pill. Enjoy free express shipping worldwide!

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