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Can Modafinil Genius Pills Make You Smarter

Can Modafinil Genius Pills Make You Smarter?

Modafinil is not only a wake-promoting drug. Research shows that it’s actually a safe drug that if taken by healthy individuals, potentially boosts brainpower – it significantly enhances cognition during complex tasks – or the mental ability to make you smarter excel in competitive tasks.

What do you need to know? Here are some important headers with pointers to make you familiarize with modafinil facts, dosage for best results when it comes to cognition and productivity, and ultimately the best “smart drug” vendor to buy genius modafinil online without an Rx.

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Is Modafinil a Current Genius Pill?

Really? Just like what Hollywood movies make us believe in some unfathomed events – such as the effects in the movie “Limitless,” it pretty much tells us what happens when taking a “smart drug.” The movie makes it the real-life superhero pill – though it may be fictional, the reality may not be too far behind [1].

In reality, modafinil is a medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sleep disorders. However, some experts discovered the effects of this drug rewards with taking the route of modafinil’s off-label use which has far more shown success when it comes to cognitive-enhancing effects — as a “smart pill.”

Researchers have found that modafinil boosts higher-order cognitive function without causing serious side effects. Modafinil, which has been prescribed in the U.S. since 1998 to treat sleep-related conditions such as narcolepsy and sleep apnea, heightens alertness much as caffeine does.

Modafinil has become one of the famous biohackers used nowadays – especially in the tech field, sports, and studying. This drug enhances the mental capabilities of a person – yes, rightly known as “genius pills” (now dubbed as “smart pills”).

Notably termed as “smart drugs” is seen as a breakthrough in cognitive function. It certainly offers the promise of immediate and tangible cognitive benefits.

The most popular “smart drugs” available on the market include methylphenidate (Ritalin) and amphetamine (Adderall) stimulants. These drugs are normally used as a remedy to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. However, due to a great breakthrough in drug discovery, another drug – modafinil has emerged as the new favorite “smart drug” amongst college students [2].

Even in non-sleep deprived healthy individuals interested in taking modafinil, it effectively improved planning and accuracy on certain cognitive tasks. This is the same as how amphetamine and methylphenidate also enhanced the performance of healthy individuals in certain cognitive tasks [3][4].

Why the word genius? It all accrue to being super intelligent – usefully soaring high when it comes to passing exams, boosting productivity in complex tasks, enhancing thinking, mental acuity and vigilance, and overcoming fatigue and sleepiness.

Why Is This Smart Drug Safe to Take?

Take Modafinil Pill

Scientists have dubbed modafinil as the “world’s first safe smart drug.” It is believed to increase cognitive brain function including wakefulness in numerous ways.

The reason? Modafinil has some benefits when it comes to drug safety and rewards:

It’s not a stimulant

As a potent “smart drug”, it’s a eugeroic that seems to work as a stimulant but it isn’t. It functions to promote alertness and vigilance and it does not make the user jittery. However, “smart drugs” are not 100% perfect. Modafinil may be associated with a crash and withdrawal negative effects just like any other “smart drug”.

It doesn’t cause addicted

Many “genius pills” are certainly addictive. However, safely taking modafinil – not abusing and overdosing won’t make you dependent on this medication. Interestingly, even modafinil is prescribed off-label to combat addictions such as opioids, cocaine, etc.

Has minimal facet effects

Modafinil is a safe and well-tolerated drug. Taken by normal, healthy individuals, it can be used for years without experiencing any major side effects – only by adhering to drug prescription, dosage, contraindication, warnings, and precautions.

It works exquisitely well!

Modafinil is a powerful “smart drug” that will be your ultimate “friend” for a long time (due to its numerous good effects). It works great in all aspects of cognition, wakefulness, addiction, fatigue, etc., and it does not have many side effects. It can be used for the long term, research shows there are no long-term effects when modafinil is used over a long time [5].

Being dubbed as the “world’s first safe smart drug” by researchers at Harvard and Oxford universities, they suggested that modafinil effects are “low risk” especially when taken in the short term. However, like any medicine, negative effects can occur – that come and fade away with drug continual use [6].

Interesting, being safe for healthy individuals, students and professionals just want to achieve a competitive edge – they want to do better at learning and exams and most impressively there is a group of some individuals taking modafinil with the realms to function the best they can all the time – however its long-term use could cause memory problems [7].

Modafinil effectively improves reasoning when it comes to problem-solving, enhances mental performance, energy, and promotes wakefulness and focus [8].

How Does It Help Improve Brain Function?

Certainly, medications like Ritalin and modafinil lies in their purported effectual potency and ability to enhance brain function beyond the norm, some praise it beyond their comprehension, while a very few may claim that modafinil and Ritalin aren’t safe or well tolerated. This depends on individual health and responds to the medication. Indeed, at school or in the workplace, modafinil is a pill that enhances the ability to acquire, process, and retain information without a doubt very useful when it comes to revising and learning lecture material.


As the number 1 “smart drug” used by professionals, including CEOs, military personnel, astronauts, workers, etc. and the increasing popularity of people from all walks of life, they use it just to boost productivity, promote wakefulness, and cognition.

Now, do prescription “smart drugs” enhance cognition certainly in healthy users?

It all boils down to the modafinil mechanism of action – how it affects the brain function. Modafinil contains two versions of the active substance: R-(−) and S-(+)-enantiomers. The R-enantiomer of modafinil has unique pharmacological properties [9].

As a potent medicine, modafinil has a higher affinity and certainly functions by raising the level of dopamine concentrations in the brain by binding to the DAT & preventing the dopamine reuptake. Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter that the brain nerves use to effectively communicate with each other hence improving concentration and other cognitive brainpower effects. It also increases the activity of other essential neurotransmitters such as orexin, histamine (which promotes wakefulness), & norepinephrine (an important neurotransmitter that increases mental energy).

Memory Enhancement Using Modafinil

So-called “smart drugs” like modafinil are being used off-label for their apparent cognitive-enhancing effects. Cognition by definition is how individuals acquire, process and store information. In this perspective, using a “smart drug”, cognitive effects promise better memorization (memory enhancement) and attention in normal, healthy people.

Modafinil mechanism of action boosts memory, alertness and number ability – just by increasing dopamine levels in the synapses between brain cells. It’s widely used as a potent treatment for attention or memory for dementia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and others.

Its cognitive-enhancing effects depict potent abilities in performing a variety of learning and memory tasks. Modafinil effects indicate enhanced working memory by affecting some neurotransmitters hence improving learning through enhanced cognitive processing [10].

Does Modafinil Make You Smarter?

Without a doubt, some evidence suggested that modafinil, including methylphenidate, and amphetamine, has a higher affinity to enhance cognitive processes such as focus, motivation, attention, memory, and other higher executive functions – all to boost intelligence.

It’s not a secret anymore why students certainly use a “smart drug” to cope with exams stress, especially when dealing with complex projects. Modafinil helps university campuses students focus, learn and think faster (not really as a supercomputer). Some might drink a cup of coffee to help them stay alert although a higher number of students and academics are swiftly turning certain medication to aid boost their academic performance [11]. Even during creative writing – modafinil boost reasoning and performance [12].

It’s a promising drug with grater brainpower effects in normal, healthy people. Thus, it makes you smarter, through enhanced memory, better brain function allow you to reason effectively, and perform complex tasks that require enhanced brainpower. In the end, when it comes to productivity, passing an exam, getting higher grades in university, or topping a competition, modafinil’s cognitive effects would prove it wisely that it makes you smarter – depending on the purpose of use.

Side Effects and Precautions

The case of modafinil’s safety & tolerability is highly praised if used by healthy individuals although side effects cannot be fully ruled out. The severity of side effects does not affect everyone. It can be associated with minor, moderate, or major negative effects depending on your health, reaction to the medication, adherence to dosage as well as drug mixing resulting in interaction.

Side Effects

Note that the modafinil’s negative effects can last for a few days, hours, or minutes and fades away with continual use of medication. Its side effects are normally classified into the following groups:

  • common;
  • rare;
  • reactions to overdose or allergy [13].

Some of the common side effects include:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • headaches;
  • insomnia and others.

Rare cases users may experience:

  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • hallucinations.

Taking this type of medication may cause allergic reactions to an individual such as severe rashes. Modafinil dosage is only taken having consulted with a medical specialist to ensure that it is safe for you.

Always follow the instructions given in the leaflet with additional advice from a doctor and do not mix drugs. Also, be aware of some health conditions including:

  • heart issues;
  • chest, liver & kidney pain;
  • high blood pressure;
  • mental/mood disorders (such as mania, depression, psychosis), etc.

It may cause health problems including moderate or major health conditions due to side effects. Using grapefruits/juice or mixing with alcohol can cause some unprecedented side effects [14].

Possible Interactions

Drug interactions of modafinil and other drugs may change how your medications work or substantially increase your risk for serious negative effects. Modafinil should not be mixed with certain types of drugs:

  • CYP2C19 & CYP3A4/5 substrates;
  • warfarin;
  • illegal drugs (such as MDMA or Ecstasy, methamphetamine);
  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors;
  • birth control medications and others.

This is not a full list [15]. Do not self-medicate with modafinil. Make sure to keep a mandatory list of all the medicines/products you use (including nonprescription/prescription drugs and herbal products) and share it with your medical specialist.

How to Dose Modafinil for the Best Result?

Modafinil’s recommended standard dose is 200 mg only taken once per day. However, lower doses of modafinil exist – 50 mg and 100 mg.

For certain sleep disorder conditions, modafinil is taken as per the prescription. However, off-label use for cognitive enhancement or productivity tasks is highly recommended not to administer a “smart drug” without consulting with a doctor. It’s paramount to know how the drug functions – its onset, peak, and drop. Modafinil is administered 45 min to an hour when preparing for study or to perform complex tasks that require focus and higher cognitive function.You have to get prepared early – just be in the mood before modafinil effects it kicks in an hour or two. Faster effects are achieved in 1-2 hours when taken on an empty stomach with water. Fatty food delays its onset.

Use modafinil when you are well rested to ensure your brain is in optimal condition – this is ideal for the best results. Ensure you have eaten breakfast and pack some nutritious snacks with you to eat it throughout the day while under the modafinil effect.

Some people increase modafinil effects for studying by using 400 mg once daily – a maximum recommended dose strength. This, however, depends on how you take it and for what purpose. Some students can decrease the dosage to 50 mg.

Where to Buy Genius Modafinil Online Without Rx?

Buy Online

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